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Anyway, I moved into an apartment a few months back next door to one of the most Beautiful Women I’ve ever met — Kendall.It was obvious that there were issues in her life, for example, an engagement that she broke off last year and it seemed she wasn’t over it.

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The condition attached was that she wanted to stay close to her home in case her stepdaughter showed up. Look at all the time and effort you’ve invested in just getting a first date out of this babe!She started calling me to go out for drinks and dinner and for the past four months we’ve been going out once a week without fail.The weird thing is that she made it explicit that we are only friends and doesn’t want more.” Like my cousin General Love says, “It sounds like you’re going to war instead of trying to date this girl.” How do you respond now?Tell Leila that something came up in your schedule and that you’ll make it some other time. You’re worried that trying to date Leila seems like it’s going to be a major waste of time? Remember, guys: when you have to fight to get the first date, you’ll never get to the tenth to make her your girlfriend.

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