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As I am in my early 40s, I wonder if there'll be anyone not married anywhere near that generation...

Start with Ahmedabad Sexpots, oops Expats on Facebook.

Onshore explorations in and around Porbandar brought to light, for the first time, the remains of a late Harappan settlement dating back to the 16th - 14th century BCE, which is similar to that from Bet Dwarka.

There is evidence to suggest that the Harappan legacy of maritime activity continued till the late Harappan period on the Saurashtra coast.

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You might even meet an expat or three to spend some time with. I don't know if they have an active group and activities in your city, but it is quite likely.

They were entitled to a salute of 13 guns as a hereditary distinction.

Well, I wish to improve expats possibilities to meet each other and share time and chats.It was merged with the 'United State of Kathiawar', effective 15 February 1948 and eventually came to form part of the present-day state of Gujarat.The last King of Porbandar was Natwarsinhji Bhavsinhji Maharaj.The discovery of ancient jetties along the Porbandar creek signifies the importance of Porbandar as an active centre of maritime activities in the past.Past Harappan age and classical Vedic ages, Indian mythology says it is the birthplace of Sudaama (friend of Lord Krishna in Dwaparyug): hence, it is referred to as Sudaamapuri or Sudamapuri.

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