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But that material would be incomplete because the user wouldn’t have said everything needed for a chat, so Bruce planned a system that would take an input sentence, send it as query to Google, and read a page of Google results to find the sentence most closely responding to the input. Then he added code to store user sentences into a database. But Danny broke his shoulder in a skiing accident, got behind with his paperwork, missed Fujitsu’s funding cycle, and the project nose-dived off the priority list witheveryone except us.

Most commercial engines are proprietary, so we don’t know how they work or what issues in chat they address.

Under such circumstances we try to be creative and come up with a reuse, a rewrite, some way to not waste our efforts. Sue had been writing about avatars and graphics technology for years during the first dotcom boom.

Bruce had been working on scripting languages to provide artificial intelligence for games.

The language syntax is simple and visual, making it easy to script things using a plain text editor.

The issues you don’t address and how you handle the ones you do will define limitations on your system. One makes tradeoffs all the time and limitations facilitate creativity. Its language capabilities are deliberately limited. Patterns must match all words of an input sentence sans punctuation and are either words or wildcards which match one or more words (*). The other languages can match all these with 1 rule and some like Chat Script can avoid a lot of false matches.Our open source language, Chat Script, is aimed for large-scale projects involving the creative manipulation of language and knowledge.Its patterns are highly expressive so that you can create complex notions quickly and compactly. Akron (1)Albany (1)Albuquerque (3)Alfred (1)Allentown (1)Amagansett (2)Amherst (2)Andover (1)Ann Arbor (1)Annandale-on-Hudson (1)Arlington (1)Asheville (2)Aspen (5)Athens, GA (1)Atlanta (11)Augusta (1)Austin (11)Bakersfield (1)Bal Harbour (1)Baltimore (14)Bangor (1)Beacon (2)Belleville (1)Bellevue (1)Belmont (1)Bennington (1)Bentonville (1)Berkeley (3)Birmingham, AL (1)Bloomington (2)Boca Raton (2)Boston (29)Boulder (2)Bridgehampton (2)Brockton (1)Brunswick (1)Buffalo (5)Cambridge (1)Carlisle (1)Champaign (1)Chapel Hill (2)Charleston (2)Charlotte (2)Charlottesville (2)Chattanooga (1)Chicago (74)Cincinnati (4)Claremont (4)Cleveland (5)Cold Spring (2)Columbia (1)Columbus (7)Corning (1)Dallas (22)Davenport (1)Delhi (1)Denver (12)Des Moines (1)Detroit (9)Durham (1)East Hampton (10)El Paso (2)Encinitas (1)Eugene (2)Fairfield (2)Fort Collins (1)Fort Lauderdale (2)Fort Worth (3)Framingham (1)Gainesville (1)Galveston (1)Gambier (1)Garrison (1)Ghent, NY (1)Glassboro (1)Glenside (1)Grand Forks (1)Grand Rapids (2)Greensboro (1)Greensburg (1)Greenwich (2)Hanover (1)Harris (1)Harrisburg (1)Hartford (2)Hillsdale (1)Hoboken (1)Honolulu (4)Houston (28)Hudson (5)Indianapolis (2)Irvine (1)Ithaca (3)Jackson (1)Jamestown (1)Jersey City (3)Joshua Tree (1)Kansas City (5)Katonah (1)Kauai (1)Kennesaw (1)Kent, CT (1)Kentfield (1)Kinderhook (1)Kittery (1)Knoxville (1)La Jolla (2)Lafayette (1)Laguna Beach (3)Lambertville (1)Lancaster (1)Lansing (1)Las Vegas (7)Lawrence (1)Lewisburg (1)Lewiston (1)Lexington (1)Lincoln, MA (1)Lincoln, NE (1)Long Beach (3)Los Angeles (220)Louisville (2)Lubbock (1)Madison (3)Marfa (8)Marquette (1)Medford (1)Memphis (6)Menlo Park (1)Miami (48)Middletown (1)Millbrae (1)Milwaukee (7)Minneapolis (15)Mobile (1)Monterey (2)Montpelier (1)Mount Vernon (1)Mountainville (1)Muncie (1)Naples, FL (1)Nashville (4)New Canaan (1)New Haven (6)New Orleans (15)New Paltz (1)New York (763)New York City (1)Newark (3)Newport Beach (2)Newtonville (1)Normal (1)Norman (1)North Adams (2)North Little Rock (2)Northampton (1)Oakland (10)Oklahoma City (4)Omaha (3)Orange (1)Overland Park (1)Palm Beach (1)Palm Springs (3)Palo Alto (2)Peekskill (1)Philadelphia (36)Phoenix (3)Pittsburgh (7)Point Reyes Station (1)Port Chester (1)Portland (32)Portland, ME (4)Potomac (1)Poughkeepsie (1)Princeton (1)Providence (7)Provincetown (1)Pullman (1)Purchase (1)Raleigh (3)Reno (3)Richmond (1)Richmond, IN (1)Richmond, VA (4)Ridgefield (1)Riverside (1)Roanoke (1)Rochester (2)Rozel Point, UT (1)Sacramento (1)Saint Augustine (2)Saint Charles (1)Saint Paul (2)Salina (1)Salt Lake City (3)San Antonio (9)San Bernardino (1)San Diego (7)San Francisco (79)San Jose, CA (1)San Luis Obispo (1)San Marcos (1)San Mateo (1)Santa Ana (1)Santa Barbara (4)Santa Fe (17)Santa Monica (2)Santa Rosa (1)Sarasota (1)Saratoga Springs (1)Saugerties (1)Sausalito (1)Savannah (6)Scottsdale (1)Seattle (19)Sebastopol (1)Sheboygan (1)Sioux City (1)Snowmass Village (1)Sonoma (1)Southampton, NY (1)St. The annual Loebner Competition[1] is a contest to see if a computer can fool a human judge into believing it is more human than a real human confederate using text chat.

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