Updating brass lamps

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Part numbers for Sockets (Female pins), wire size 18-24 Tin plated Berylium Copper #. Part numbers for pins (male), wire size 18-24 Tin plated Berylium Copper #. To get this proper height, 27" legs were correct on games Tee'd Off and prior.

Chip Sockets or Machine Pin Strips: keep 8, 14, 16, 18 and 40 pin sockets around. An even better (but more expensive) alternative is "machine pin strips".Since these pinball repair documents have been available, repair facilities are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of ruined ("hacked") circuit boards sent in for repair.Most repair facilities will NOT repair your circuit board after it has been unsuccessfully repaired ("hacked"). (It costs money to provide this information.) Donations are being accepted, please see Pin Repair.com/donate for details, and/or please purchase the Pinrepair.com/top repair instructional videos. This document is a repair guide for Gottlieb System 3 electronic pinball games made from 1989 to 1996. Updates of this document are available for no cost at Internet access is available. IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN CIRCUIT BOARD REPAIR, YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO FIX YOUR OWN PINBALL GAME!Before starting any pinball circuit board repair, review the document at which goes over the basics of circuit board repair.

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