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Personally, I would like to have heard a little more of the reflective or quieter tunes—or even a different take on some of the songs which were belted out.

For example, I would love to have heard George’s version of “Do you believe in life after love” as a more reflective performance; perhaps a chance to illustrate how she still seeks to address the challenge of balancing a love life with keeping her friends.

Musical Director, Luke Volker was excellent, and is clearly making a name for himself as a foil for one-woman cabaret performers (I first saw Volker when performing with Bethan Ellsmore in the superb ).

Volker is a talented musician, with the bonus of contributing excellent comic timing when delivering wry asides or observations.

Edwards’s comic partnership with David Morris (Roger De Bris) resulted in hysterical laughter from much of the audience—and not just as the result of the high camp walk, the flashing of those fabulous heels and rather too much of the undergarments of the ‘Chrysler Building dress.’With a production of such a high standard I have very few quibbles.

For me the sign of good lighting design and operation is that I’m not too aware of it.

Outing herself as a “fag hag” (or, more specifically, acknowledging she “sashayed [her] way the top of the ladder” as “top fag hag”), George recognises the challenge of balancing her love-life with love of her friends.

And the work was well-served by this excellently-paced, humorous, stylish, and beautifully-cast 2017 Savoyards production.

Which meant that it wasn’t just the performers who had fun: there were some exceptionally proud and very happy parents, grandparents and friends who had a wonderful time.

The Chandler Theatre was the perfect venue for this show.

Well done to Gabriella Flowers, Bronte Devine, and the rest of the teachers who coached the students throughout the afternoon (and during the year). Throughout the show it was clear to see that the performers were having fun, concentrating hard (so lovely to watch the interactions with their teachers), and doing their absolute best. I loved the break-dancing (those poses), was impressed by the ballet, was entertained by the tap-dancing, and smiled broadly through the contemporary dance.

was beautifully done, and such a great choice of music, with the line “All you need to try to be is who you're made to be.” Rachael Tiernan has created a School that encourages students to have fun, and brought together a team of teachers who each encourage the celebration of individual potential.

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