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The magnificent Presidential Suite pays tribute to the best of Colombian culture.Find out more Openings hours : Found next to the hotel's swimming pool, the pool bar is the ideal place to indulge in a refreshing cocktail alongside a variety of menu options.

Manche Mitglieder fragen Sie vielleicht nach tiefergehenden Informationen über sich, doch Sie möchten nicht alles im Internet veröffentlichen.A retro daytime material once reserved for schoolgirls, British geography teachers and The Brady Bunch, suddenly corduroy has become a hot trend in womenswear.With that said, there is one thing we do know about Paul Newman's trust - it included AB Trust planning since the will bequeaths certain assets to the "Marital Trust B" for the benefit of Newman's wife Joanne.Equipped with a shower, LCD TV, Bose® Sound Dock®, Sofitel My Bed and free WIFI.(34 m²), located in the 19th century Republican section of the hotel with contemporary decor, balcony and pool views.

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