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A Conversation With Donovan Mike Ragogna: Hello there, Donovan, father of Ione Skye and Donovan Leitch. Bob Irwin is a great compiler and he did my purple box set in 2005. DL: There was a bit of a storm, but well, the sun came out today. DL: Yeah, it's a representation of many of my popular songs, but with a new twist.What you learn is that we all live in three states of consciousness -- waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep.But there's a fourth level the ancient books spoke of, which intrigued me, The Beatles, and countless others.In a world of composition and music, this is a very personal thing.One can place oneself in this space for these songs to appear.

DL: It reduces the stress in your nervous system, it has a physical benefit. When you release the stress in the nervous system, the whole body relaxes.

DL: Well, it became the soundtrack to many people's lives.

It was my first release and also very touching for me.

I don't write the songs like a cobbler sits down with his leather and his nails and his form that he cuts the boots to.

We don't make songs like that, but we do practice forms. MR: Then it's catching much more than the wind, sir.

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