The dating game walkthrough sex dating in walkerburn peeblesshire

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The lights fly out to the opening at the center of the dome except for one - Tim Pike. There are several gadgets necessary in the game: Lantern, Tracker (finds electromagnetic source), Goggles (use when the tracker shows peak activity), CCTV (found in Room 2D and used to view several rooms in the hotel) and the Thermocamera. Turn right and click on the bed at bottom left of the screen. It is Dark Fall expands, then coalesces into a small ball and disappears into the wall. There is something hidden under the corner of the bed. The statues stop spewing green plasma, their uplifted arms go down and the statues disappear. Click on each number to read the notes taken by Pete. Read the note left by Tim instructing you that when you get stuck to go to the place where you are stuck, concentrate, come straight back here, he'll read your mind and maybe he knows the answer or the others do. Move the cursor to the right of the screen and place the lantern on the stone pedestal. Look close on the other stone and see a creature like shape surrounded by circles with 4 lines. Look at the card of the female Greek statue and it will flip to a joker. - Look at the doodling on the desk pad on the counter. Read the note from Betty's mum - Edith and turn it over to read about the complaint's book. Look close at the top of the stove and at the bottom left ash drawer of the stove that has part of the actress' complaint note - Monday, 24th, draft from doors on table 1 and lamp flickering on table 3. The student's monitor is on the table at the right of the stained glass double door. Read the letter and a female voice reprimands you for being nosy. Crabtree gave her a piece of paper and it should be hidden for her safety. - Look close at the clock and the female voice makes a comment about the buttons on it. To reset the puzzle - pull back and wait for Miss Fly to talk again. The pictures are of Henry the eight, Henry the fifth, Elizabeth the first. Read George's note and look at the picture behind it. - Look close at table by award wall and see water bowl. Turn the knob to open the gas line on the right side of the cabinet. Room 1C and 2D show the state of the rooms from the past. Click on goggles in inventory and move the cursor around the screen. likes to watch the train...: Turn right and climb to the platform. Pull back, turn left and see a sign - Dorsetshire Electric Company, est. Click the note icon and see blank page with numbers. Forward and look at the stones with engravings on them. To access the stairs to the second floor or the third floor from the flight below the back must be on room A and facing room B. - Look around, see the tipped lamp under table 3 and the ad on table across table 4. Then click 3 again, 1, 2 and 4 - the sound should all be the same. - Look close at the box in the cabinet below the books. Look back at the 3 takeout menus on the other tack board. The dining room camera picks up a light on table and 2 chairs at the center of the room. When a voice is heard that sounds like 'Here' and when the tracker shows activity, use the goggles.

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