Intj esfj dating

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ISFP: Smiles shyly, makes polite conversation, and internally calculates how much of their wild side their date seems capable of handling.ESFP: Plans a back up date that’s way more fun and adventurous than the standard date.Their animal totem would be the stupid, drooling, cute dog.Sometimes, the actual real world penetrates the foggy glass of their John Lennon-style rose-coloured shades, and they are prone to extreme depression when this happens.

If you leave, it might take them up to three weeks to notice, had you been living together.

Leaves their date confused as to whether they just went on a date or an interview.

ESTP: Effortlessly sweeps their date off their feet.

If their date seems cool, they whisk them away on said adventure.

If their date seems boring, feigns food poisoning and whisks themselves and their three closest friends away on the adventure.

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