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Basically it meant that they sat indoors for a couple of hours doing something pointless.I didn’t agree with it as a punishment but it was all I could think of at the time. I sat in front of the computer and looked at the open windows. I shut the computer down, locked up and returned to my room. I tried to read a book but my mind returned to the image of the cock deep inside the girl.For a week he was the only boy in the computer room after 9pm, seated at the back and more or less hidden from the rest of the room.Pupils were free to use the internet for research and for personal email.If an older boy was working hard on a project I would ring his dorm master and get him a curfew extension until 11pm.Roger took advantage of this a couple of nights a week as he was working on his family tree for a history project.

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Get dressed.’ I shouted trying not to laugh at the poor lad. Go to your dorm and report to me tomorrow morning in my office.’ I said. Weekend report was a way of punishing boys who had broken the rules.

I gasped as I opened a picture of her been penetrated both vaginally and anally by the two guys.

My fingers were already pressing gently against my clitoris but the site of a huge cock penetrating the girl’s tight arsehole made me push two fingers inside myself.

The school in return for supervising evening study sessions and weekend activities with pupils provides the apartments.

Hard work and a lot of time but for the excellent pay and 14 weeks holiday a year it’s worth it to me.

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