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“The more he got comfortable with it the more he realised that going to a gay club isn’t going to kill me.”Touzel said her parents found it easy to accept she is asexual.“Oh they love that because it means I don’t go after people,” she said.“Not dating people means no drama.”Touzel, who lives as a tomboy, said she initially started dressing as a boy so her parents liked it when she started dressing in drag.“Because I actually looked like how they wanted me to look like,” Touzel said.To nominate a person for the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, please send a biography of the person and “why you think they should be selected for the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame” to the selectors.After the HURST Hemi Under Glass, in 1966 Bill put together a program with the Los Angeles/Orange County, CA, Dodge Dealers Association. Barris was the builder of the famed Batmobile, which he often displayed at various venues. DART to a rear engine blown Keith Black Aluminum Super Charged Hemi with a Lenco two-speed transmission, which added the distance and speed so the car could stay up on two wheels. He built a blown 426 Keith Black Hemi powered 1929 Ford panel delivery wagon, which he exhibited throughout the Pacific Northwest, West Coast, New Zealand and Australia until his retirement in 1988 which insured his place in the history books forever.

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Dean’s first introduction into the performance market as a manufacturer was a multiple outlet fuel block that made installing multiple carburetors much simpler and was followed shortly by the introduction of the famous MOON Foot Pedal gas pedal.

The car was not built as a wheel stander, but after a few runs Bill learned how easy it was to get it into a wheel stand and the decision was made to make it a real show stopper as such.

With individual braking for each rear wheel, Bill was able to drive the car straight with the front end in the air for the length of the track. Darts, three were stock bodied and the fourth was a funny car body.

Another of Deans icons are the world recognized “Moon Eyes”, first introduced to the world in the mid 1950’s, but the lasting image was refined by artist working at the Disney Studios in 1957 and is what is seen today.

While building the world famous MOON Equipment Company occupied much of his time, Dean never left the racing side of the sport.

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