Dating gun nut

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Launched in 2004 by a Harvard graduate, this resource pledged to become the most “authoritative reloading and technical resource for match calibers” in the U. Post are written by gun owners rather than gun writers.

Total content on this blog runs a staggering 2,000 pages.

Find a running total of annual American gun victims on page one.

Springfield Armory’s blog posts will satisfy your need for contemporary firearms-related updates and news.

The Arms Vault blog layout features a pull-down menu that allows visitors to spot areas of interest fast, so if all you want are product reviews, you won’t waste time searching for the right portal.

Greg Summers founded this site to inform gun owners about new products, industry news and views--but his biggest focus is on strengthening the Second Amendment. From legislative news to product-specific editorial content, Range 365 is part of the Field & Stream Network, so there’s industry power behind this resource, all of which benefits readers of either gender.

As a resource devoted to the principle that every patriot has a God-given right to defend country, family and oneself with firearms, we also believe that without access to ammunition, there would be no reason to own guns, thus our mission, selling high-quality ammunition at affordable prices, is our priority.

Even the invitation to respond to content is unique: “Email us or tie your note to a pigeon.One of the best ways to do that is by frequenting relevant blogs. While most bloggers writing are men, the occasional female gun lover is happy to explain why a woman without a gun is like a rifle without a scope.We’ve picked the cream of the crop to profile here. The staff behind this high-profile blog consists of heavyweights that run the gamut from publisher Robert Farago to Testing/Reviews Editor Jeremy.Expect to find posts entertaining: From updates on blogger John Boch’s pet ferret to a mommy blogger who adores guns but dislikes Sarah Palin prove that boring reads don't exist on this blog.Blog posts pop up on both the home page of this website and on The Wire.

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